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Over the long term, we aim to generate world-class investment returns by using digital assets. We operate a market neutral fund and a quantitative long/short fund.

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We are an investment fund for wholesale investors specialising in digital assets with institutional grade risk management. Balmoral is run by trusted managers with proprietary trading strategies that are completely unique to the APAC region.


Momentum Fund

  • Removes human emotions and biases from decision making process
  • Systematic trend following fund investing across a range of digital assets.
  • Designed to capture large trends in both upward and downward markets whilst controlling risk at all times.

Market Neutral Fund

  • Targets double-digit returns and regular income payments.
  • Does not take directional risk – strategies are “market neutral” in nature.
  • Because directional market risks have been minimised this Fund is uncorrelated with other asset classes.
  • Aim provide attractive returns regardless of whether markets are bullish, bearish or sideways.


A Market Neutral Digital Assets Fund targeting double-digit returns and regular income payments.

Balmoral Digital Assets Fund is an Australian regulated, full feature, first-mover investment opportunity for the Australian market, it pairs institutional experience and leading-edge expertise. We’re harnessing strategy, speed and sophistication within a dedicated digital portfolio.

Now more than ever, ‘smart money’ is flowing into digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Explosive adoption, network effects and new technologies are all set to drive sustained exponential growth for this disruptive asset class.

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Since connecting in 2019, Balmoral Digital co-founders Angus Crennan and Jesse Smythe have gone on to pool their multi-faceted investment credentials in establishing a new type of fund for a new era of financial opportunity.

Angus Crennan

Director and Co-Founder

Jesse Smythe

Director and Co-Founder

Douggie Melville-Clarke

Portfolio Manager

Andres Granger

Portfolio Manager

Dr Angelo Aspris

Advisory Committee

Megan Smythe

Executive Manager Business Engagement, Brand and Marketing


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