Angus Crennan

Director and Co-Founder

With close to two decades of senior, blue-chip, and B2B financial services experience, Angus brings a wealth of first-hand insight on macro market cycles, portfolio building, and governance to Balmoral. His broad depth of knowledge also spans equities, bottom-up security selection, and holistic asset-liability management, and enables him to hold a coveted and comprehensive AFS license.

From 2014 to 2019, Angus was responsible for upwards of $3 billion in multi-asset portfolios for the Swiss insurance company Zurich, as well as being the APRA Responsible Person supporting the $2 billion Zurich Superannuation Fund. Earlier in his career, he acted as Associate Director and Head of Money Markets at Macquarie Group, working in roles variously focused on equity and derivative analysis, treasury, risk management, asset allocation, portfolio construction, and investment governance. He was also on the company’s due diligence committee for innovative businesses looking to run raises before moving on in 2010.

Prior to Balmoral Digital and after stepping back from corporate finance, Angus’ most recent endeavor was curating and executing an investment vehicle to help former military families make smart, secure moves with their money. He’s also been a regular guest lecturer for the University of Sydney’s Discipline of Finance since 2019, a platform he uses to share theoretical and practical expertise with students and previously acted as a Policy Adviser to a Federal Member of Parliament. The root of these community-minded commitments, and others, can be traced to his time in the Australian Army, where he rose to the rank of Infantry Captain before leaving the forces in 2003.

Despite his professional standing, Angus doesn’t hesitate to cite his wife and three daughters as his greatest achievements.