A new era of financial opportunity

Demands a new type of fund.

Demands a new type of fund. Demands a new type of fund.

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A Market Neutral Digital Assets Fund targeting double-digit returns and regular income payments.

Balmoral Digital Assets Fund is an Australian regulated, full feature, first-mover investment opportunity for the Australian market, it pairs institutional experience and leading-edge expertise. We’re harnessing strategy, speed and sophistication within a dedicated digital portfolio.

Now more than ever, ‘smart money’ is flowing into digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Explosive adoption, network effects and new technologies all set to drive sustained exponential growth for this disruptive asset class.

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Alignment of Incentives

  • Absolute Return Fund​
  • No benchmarking against an index
  • Fund targets double digit returns
  • Monthly performance based on fund unit price being at all time highs.
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Security and Privacy

  • Best in class cyber security practices across all platforms and integrations
  • Balmoral only engages with fully regulated digital exchanges
  • Client information remains confidential
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Seamless Transactions

  • Redemptions anytime​
  • No lock in period​
  • Invest or top up investment 24/7​
  • Mobile app to monitor your investmen​t
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Governance and Compliance

  • Balmoral is an Australian business with Australian Directors.
  • We have one of 11 AFSLs issued by ASIC authorised to provide the full suite of financial services, illustrative of the business governance, compliance and organisational competence.
  • Balmoral’s legal, accounting and audit are all undertaken in Australia by reputable Australian firms.


Since connecting in 2019, Balmoral Digital co-founders Angus Crennan and Jesse Smythe have gone on to pool their multi-faceted investment credentials in establishing a new type of fund for a new era of financial opportunity.

Angus Crennan

Director and Co-Founder

Jesse Smythe

CIO and Co-Founder

Douggie Melville-Clarke

Head of Quantitative Trading

Andres Granger

Head of Trading Operations

Dr Angelo Aspris

Independent Director

Megan Smythe

Head of Marketing

Our key advantages


We unlock opportunity by layering institutional investment expertise onto the profitable investment potential of rapidly maturing digital assets.


An Australian management team perfectly positioned to safely and sustainably trade in the cryptocurrency space for the long term.


We deliver optimum return for your risk by deploying a series of complimentary trading strategies to maximize and secure gains.


We’re a one-stop-shop for your digital asset investment needs, with research, portfolio design, trading execution and user experience all handled in-house.






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Consider us the expert, experienced and highly engaged guide you need to navigate towards the profitable outcomes you want, as we empower our clients to move forward on their investment journey with calmness, clarity and conviction.