Market Neutral Fund​

About the Market Neutral Fund

The Market Neutral Fund targets double-digit returns and regular income payments.


The Balmoral Digital Assets Market Neutral Fund targets double-digit returns and regular income payments.

Our global trading team purchase cryptocurrencies then fully hedge those positions with futures contracts. Because of mismatches in demand and supply for those futures we are able to receive income from our futures counterparties. Our investment process ensures each position is liquid, offers attractive yield as well as stability in that yield.
The Balmoral Digital Assets Fund collects alpha whilst hedging out market risks. Because market risks have been removed this Fund is uncorrelated with other asset classes and thus a true portfolio diversifier which can provide attractive returns regardless of whether markets are in bullish or bearish phases..

Investment Strategy

The Market Neutral Fund currently boasts several complementary strategies, which will be deployed concurrently across the breadth of the digital asset and crypto ecosystem in its entirety. All strategies are actively managed and maintained by our investment team with positions sized appropriately according to where the most compelling opportunities exist at the time of execution.

Exploit crypto ecosystem inefficiencies Stringent risk management Use of market lending rates Professional asset allocation Statistical arbitrage
We welcome the chance to discuss the Fund’s comprehensive strategic priorities and applications with potential investors in person, should further detail or insight be required.